If you are missing one or more teeth, or if you need to replace all of your top or bottom teeth, then schedule a consultation with our denturist to see what type of denture will work best for you.

A full or traditional denture replaces all of your top or bottom teeth. Suction holds a top denture in place, as it covers the entire roof of the mouth as well. The full lower denture does not have any suction, as it only fits snugly over your bottom gums.

A partial denture replaces one or more missing teeth, and metal clasps secure the denture to your surrounding teeth.

Snap-On teeth, or overdentures, fit snugly on denture implants, creating a tight, secure, and comfortable fit.

All of these types of dentures are removable for cleaning and sleeping, as necessary.

Denture Implants

you are suffering from loose-fitting dentures, come in and talk to us about denture repairs and relines to help adjust the fit, or perhaps new overdentures using denture implants are a better option for you.

Denture implants are a more secure solution to replace missing teeth. Unlike traditional dentures that can move around and cause discomfort or difficulty eating, denture implants are anchored in the jaw bone through your gums. Posts are installed in the bone and act as a base or anchor for artificial teeth, bridges, or dentures.

Creating your new smile requires four to five appointments, depending on the type of denture you choose. 


Denture Repair and Relines

Loose-fitting dentures are uncomfortable, and can be embarrassing if they don’t stay put. Don’t suffer unnecessarily. Our denturist can adjust or fix your dentures if they are:

  • Causing you pain or moving when they shouldn’t
  • Missing a tooth or have a damaged tooth due to breakage
  • Need adjustments to add one or more additional teeth
  • Simply uncomfortable and need relining

Schedule an appointment with our denturist to assess any issues with your dentures and offer possible solutions. If your dentures cannot be fixed or adjusted, our denturist will work with you to create a new denture, or help you select another replacement option that better fits your needs. 

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