Sore Gums

At Millbrook Dental clinic, we are dedicated to the prevention and treatment of periodontitis, or gum disease. Periodontitis occurs when plaque and bacteria build-up on your gums and the surface of your teeth. The bacteria initially irritate your gums, making them red, inflamed and possibly sore; this stage is called gingivitis. If gingivitis is not treated, and without continued good hygiene, gingivitis can progress quickly and lead to periodontitis, receding gums, infection, and bone loss.

Our dentist also performs gum graft surgery and dental crown lengthening.

Scaling and Root Planing (Sanative Therapy)

As well as good oral hygiene, there are a number of treatments available to combat periodontitis and its after effects, and re-establish healthy firm gums, including sanative therapy such as scaling and root planing. Depending on the severity of periodontitis, regular scaling and/or root planing may be all the treatment you need or they may only be the initial step in a treatment plan.

Scaling and root planing maybe the steps required in deep-cleaning sanative therapy to remove the plaque and tartar/calculus build-up on your teeth above and below the gum line. Ultrasonic tools and hand instruments are used to get to hard to reach places and remove the accumulated calcified plaque and bacteria for better gum health.


Dental Crown Lengthening

If you break a tooth, or have extensive decay below the gum line, our dentist may recommend dental crown lengthening before providing treatment and affixing a crown. This procedure involves lowering the supporting areas around the broken portion of the tooth to access more tooth, allowing proper placement and fitting of a crown when restoring a fragile tooth to good strength.

Once dental crown lengthening is performed, the gum and tooth must have time to heal before the crown is permanently affixed to the top of the tooth.

Gum Graft Surgery

Receding gums can be caused by traumatic heavy brushing, excessive grinding or clenching your teeth, continued chewing on one side of your mouth, or simply occur over time, as the roots of your teeth are slowly exposed. Eventually, the teeth may become sensitive to hot and cold temperatures, and may ache and be painful. Our dentist can assess your needs and may recommend gum graft surgery, which is a common procedure where receding gums are replaced with healthy gum tissue that was once lost. This procedure reduces tooth sensitivity, and evens out your gum line.

If you have receding gums and are interested in gum graft surgery, give us a call for a consultation. We’ll assess your oral health, and provide you with your best options.

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