Family & Pediatric Dentistry

For all of our patients, regular check-ups are essential, as our team performs a comprehensive diagnostic examination of your teeth and mouth. This exam involves a thorough check for tooth decay, but it also includes screening for periodontal (gum) disease, oral cancer and other health-related oral issues, tooth grinding (bruxism), toothbrush abrasion, and the deterioration of old crowns, bridges, and fillings.

For our younger patients, it’s even more important to come in for regular check-ups so we can monitor your child’s teeth as they move and change over time. From their first baby teeth to their third set of molars or wisdom teeth, regular dental appointments help your child feel comfortable visiting the dentist. These visits also allow us to monitor the changes in your child’s mouth, so we can encourage healthy brushing and flossing, and discuss any issues with you that we see during the exam before they turn into larger problems.

For all patients, problems diagnosed at an early stage can normally be treated in a quick and easy fashion, while those that go undetected for too long often result in serious, costly, and sometimes painful dental health problems.

For all of these reasons, we will recommend a regular checkup schedule for each of you, depending on what you need for your best oral health. We want to be your oral health partners through every stage of your family’s growth.

Give us a call to schedule your family’s appointments today.

Cavities in Children and Adults

Although children eventually lose their baby teeth when their adult or second set of permanent teeth come in, it is essential that their baby teeth are healthy and cleaned regularly. Cavities can occur in baby teeth, and they must be treated and filled just like adult teeth.

What does a cavity look like? A cavity is a darkened black or brown spot on your tooth. It can occur between teeth, in the pit and fissures on top of the tooth, or anywhere the plaque acids eat away the enamel of a tooth and attack the dentin underneath. Eventually, the cavity becomes a hole in the tooth. Small cavities do not normally cause any pain; however, the larger they get, the more painful they can feel. If children are complaining of a toothache, or a sensitive tooth in their mouth when they chew or drink, it is possible that they have a cavity.

Fixing a cavity is a simple process. Using dental anesthetic and/or nitrous oxide (laughing gas), we ensure you are as comfortable as possible before we remove the decayed tooth material, clean the tooth, and then restore the cavity with a filling. We use white fillings, so your tooth continues to look natural and healthy.

Custom-made Mouth Guards

Are you an avid sports player? Do you suffer from bruxism (grinding or clenching your teeth)? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you need a custom-made mouth guard. Whether from a sports-related injury, or from unconsciously gritting and grinding your teeth while you sleep, a mouth guard protects your teeth and gums from excessive wear or damage. A mouth guard may also alleviate headaches caused by grinding or clenching through the night.

Store-bought mouth guards may offer some protection. However, they are pre-molded, which means that no amount of hot water or biting will mold them to your unique mouth structure and teeth. There’s no guarantee that a mouth guard won’t shift or move during impact, or inhibit your breathing while you sleep.

We make mouth guards that are molded specifically for your mouth. They are placed securely so they fit your jaw when you bite, and there is no slippage or movement, making it a safer, more protective fit.At Millbrook Dental clinic, we are pleased to sponsor local hockey, soccer, and lacrosse teams, to help encourage physical activity as a part of a healthy lifestyle, for kids and adults. We encourage everyone to have fun playing team sports, and play safe.

Schedule a mouth guard consultation today to learn more about designing a custom made mouth guard. Don’t take chances with your smile while you play, or while you sleep.

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